Outsourcing Real Estate Bookkeeping Servcies

Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

Get a clear financial picture of how your real estate account is faring in reality versus the projections with professional & cost-effective bookkeeping services

We know it's not easy to run a real estate operation without an experienced property accountant and with one, it could send your earnings spiraling. In any case, the absence of professional real estate bookkeeping for real estate agents could spell trouble in account payables, untimely book closure, incorrect financials, and lag in report building for lenders and stakeholders. So beating the oddities and hitting the revenue mark without upfront cost is only viable when you outsource real estate bookkeeping services. Outsourcing real estate accounting & bookkeeping to Global Accounting Corp is still the hottest choice small real estate consultants are considering to corner the market.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified real estate bookkeeping service provider, Global Accounting Corp has genuine experience in bookkeeping for real estate agents. 19 years to be exact. We rush the ball to the finishing line by being a running back for your organization. Our ability to concentrate on hundreds of micro-functions saves you the stress and need to operate with limitations.

Our Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

Real estate bookkeeping is crucial for businesses to convince stakeholders and investors with real data. This is where a real estate bookkeeping service providing company like GAC comes in. With 19 years of deep experience, we convincingly manage financials to keep you on the right track. To do so, we offer the following real estate bookkeeping services.

Our real estate bookkeeping services encompass -

Tenant Accounting

Tenant Accounting

If you want expert intervention in lease setup, move-out, and move-in we have you covered. Our team can provide tenant accounting services that are well within your budget and you can get this at competitive rates than what is usually quoted by other providers.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

We have dedicated professionals' in-charge of entry. They perform checks to compare 2/3 ways with a purchase order, vendor payments, and utilities. They look after your payables and ensure no dues are being accrued against PO.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

If you can't hire a position to manage monthly rent, process rental receipts, and section rents, outsource real estate bookkeeping, and let those functions be well-managed by AR professionals. We have a certified team on stand-by to take instructions and execute as per the plan.

General & Monthly Accounting Activities

General & Monthly Accounting Activities

Every month-end, you needn't run pillar to post to manage the mortgage, reconciliation, accrual, insurance escrow reconciliation, and other accounting activities. These shall be looked after by our accountants as part of the real estate bookkeeping services.

Budgeting, Forecasting Support, and Analysis

Budgeting, Forecasting Support, and Analysis

If you lack specific skills in budget preparation, cash flow forecasting, and financial analysis, we have you covered. Our team can assist you through the compliance that is mandatory for budgeting and forecasting.

Investor Support Activities

Investor Support Activities

We have a specific set of services that would benefit investors in real estate. Our team can harness the data you would need to take important decisions. The data captured and analyzed would be populated on custom dashboards with a simplified view.

Software Upgrade Support

Software Upgrade Support

If you want to migrate into new software, we have you covered. Our team can set up account charts and prepare a detailed transition road map to handle end-to-end accounting data migration.

Analysis of Rent Roll

Analysis of Rent Roll

Get an in-depth rent roll analysis done by certified analysts for buyers and tenants. We assure to provide reports that can be used for keeping track of the income owed as part of the rent.

Lender Reporting

Lender Reporting

You'll find that we are much more capable of analyzing financials to create land leasing reports, executive summaries for property management than a hired in-house reporter.

When you outsource real estate bookkeeping services to us, we take care of all your bookkeeping needs, even the ones not mentioned above. Contact us for your custom requirements.

Software that Powers Our Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks
  • Bill.com
  • MYOB
  • Wave
  • Peachtree
  • ReceiptBank
  • Intuit Quicken
  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • inFlow
  • Intacct
  • Expensify
  • Xero
  • Simply Accounting by Sage
  • Daxko
  • Sage

Our Real Estate Bookkeeping Process

At Global Accounting Corp, our USP is to let you customize the service to your liking. We place no bar on what specifics you expect from us. You may choose a stand-alone service or an entire suite, whichever works best. As a company that values your money and time, we don't send further hassles hurling towards you. We stand for transparency when you consider outsourcing Real estate bookkeeping services. So here's what we do as part of real estate bookkeeping services -


Preparing the Source Documents

We prepare source documents ahead of bookkeeping. We compile paper and digital records you might have saved during an accounting period


Analyzing the Financial Effects

We will review how transactions have affected your accounts and create projections, if necessary


Making the Journal Entries

We make journal entries of all transactions to make information visible and easy to retrieve from a master record


Handling the End-of-period Methods

We provide closing support at the end of the financial term by looking at transactions that are owed to you and one where you owe to others


Closing the Books

We provide a reconciliation to close accounts without error

Simple Steps to Hire a Virtual Accountant from GAC

Step 1
Free Consultation
Step 2
Agree On Process
Step 3
Grant Access
Step 4
Go Live

Why Hire GAC Over Competitors?


Hiring in-house Accountant

  • Wages often start upwards of $4542 per month
  • Risk of attrition and high cost of training
  • High staff turnover leaves too many semi-skilled accountants
  • Fixed work hours with no overtime
  • High cost to the company


GAC Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

  • Price begins at $8 per hour with no up-front charges
  • Complies with SLA and quality standards before sign off
  • 100% dedication from certified accountants
  • Follows flexible working schedule
  • No up-front charges


Other Real Estate Bookkeeping Companies

  • Steep hourly rates in the range of $20 or more per hour
  • No compliance guarantees to contract terms
  • High employee attrition affects scalability
  • Fixed working hours or limited flexibility
  • May levy hidden fees and processing charges

Industries that Have Benefitted from Our Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

Healthcare Banking and Finance Manufacturing Retail & Wholesale Agriculture Mining Logistics & Transportation Engineering Services Oil and Gas Real Estate Telecommunications IT & Software Pharmaceutical Restaurant Insurance

Customer Success Stories

GAC's awareness

GAC's awareness of cash flow system implementation enabled our client to self-regulate transaction scripts such as bills of lading, delivery invoices, etc.

GAC's billing expertise

GAC's billing expertise reconciled statements and account books of a law firm and fulfilled functions such as raising requests and posting AR to closing accounts.

Contact us to know our customer success stories

Find Out How Our Real Estate Bookkeeping Services Can Help Your Business

Having a clear vision of finances can help companies achieve steadfast growth in the short and long-term. The real estate bookkeeping services is a proven tool for evaluation and adjustment of accounting strategy to keep your real estate counts clean and compliant with standards. This is well-perceived by Global Accounting Corp. Therefore, we offer unique solutions to resolve all the existing challenges plaguing the accounting system of small and large real estate businesses. Our 19 years of experience have helped us become one of the best real estate bookkeeping service providers. This has always been our mission and endeavor from the get-go.

Get in touch with us today if you're ready to take the next step towards innovation and automation in real estate bookkeeping and compliance.

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