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Our client founded in 1964, is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated kitchen textiles and linens, expanding to elegant European kitchenware.

Their Vancouver headquarters oversee design, distribution, and manufacturing facilities, while their San Francisco subsidiary excels in exclusive home and living décor products with refined designs for the retail market.

Our client is actively seeking a reliable outsourcing partner. They require comprehensive financial and bookkeeping services to effectively manage their growing global business, encompassing daily transaction processing, robust reporting, and timely record-keeping.

With an average of 500 daily transactions and monthly financial reports, our client needs a trusted partner to handle their financial operations efficiently and accurately.

Story of the Client

Our client is a prominent manufacturer of sophisticated kitchen textiles and linens, specializing in elegant European kitchenware, with a strong North American presence and overseas manufacturing facilities since 1964, headquartered in Vancouver.

They are seeking a professional outsourcing partner. Our client aims to maintain accurate accounts and receive effective financial and bookkeeping services to handle their growing global business needs, including daily transactions, reporting, and record-keeping.

Danica Accounting

Challenges faced by the Client

  • Due to a high influx of customers from various countries, the clients faced challenges in effectively managing their accounts and maintaining accurate daily reports for month-end tasks, bank reconciliation statements, AR & AP invoice processing, cash flow management, marine insurance, commission reports, and payroll.
  • The other challenges include timely completion of daily tasks, weekly tasks, and other miscellaneous tasks. The Client had changed their Software which resulted in Increasing the turnaround time.


The client has entrusted us with the responsibility to deliver comprehensive accounting outsourcing services, ensuring timely completion of various tasks to prevent wastage of time, resources, and funds.

The Tasks Include:

  • Providing the A/R Aging reports, their Cash Flow.
  • Receiving the Payment from the different Customers through Various Modes.
  • Providing Different reports Like Inventory, Insurance reports.
  • Month Close tasks: We reconcile Different Banks, Preparing the Commission Reports, Do the monthly Payroll reporting and Sales reporting.


  • Our accounts outsourcing services, which have been utilized by the client since 2010, have delivered significant improvements to their operations. Strategic file allocation to specific accountants has resulted in enhanced efficiency, leading to a remarkable increase in productivity.
  • The implementation of a 24-hour work schedule has allowed us to maintain round-the-clock productivity, resulting in a significant reduction in turnaround time for accounting tasks.
  • Regular intra-team communication has effectively reduced errors and discrepancies to a great extent.
  • Our robust supervision system ensures high-quality outputs and substantial error reduction.
  • Frequent sharing of comprehensive reports has facilitated informed decision-making, contributing to a notable increase in overall profitability.

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