Streamline Your Finances with Our Real Estate Accounting Services

Global Accounting Corp offers Real Estate Accounting Services tailored to your needs and goals. We have a team of experienced accountants who have expertise in various aspects of real estate accounting, such as property accounting, fund accounting, construction accounting, and data management. We offer


Bookkeeping and Accounting

Stay financially organized and informed with our meticulous record-keeping, expense tracking, and insightful financial analysis.

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Payroll Services

Simplify payroll management with our comprehensive services, ensuring timely payments, benefits administration, and regulatory compliance.

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Tax Services

Navigate tax season stress-free with our expert tax preparation, optimization strategies, and audit support.

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CFO Services

Benefit from strategic financial management, accurate forecasting, and assistance securing project financing.

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Business Advisory Services

Elevate your business with our performance assessments, growth strategies, and industry-specific advisory services.

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Accounting Software and Technology

Optimize your financial management with our tailored software solutions, process automation, and staff training services.

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Simplify Your Real Estate Accounting with GAC

Global Accounting Corp helps you manage your real estate business with our professional accounting services. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, our real estate accounting experts help you track and report your income and expenses, process your payroll and taxes, and maintain your books and records.

Whether you are a real estate investor, developer, broker, or manager, we can help you simplify and streamline your accounting functions so you can focus on your core business activities. Having a strong presence in Canada, the U.S., and the rest of the world, we can handle your bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and CFO services and provide financial insights and advice to help you grow and expand your real estate business.

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Simplify Your Real Estate Accounting with GAC

How Our Real Estate Accounting Team will Steer you to Success

How Our Real Estate Accounting Team will Steer you to Success

Manage your property accounting

Utilize our property accounting services to track and record your property transactions, such as acquisitions, disposals, depreciation, and impairment.

Reduce your fund accounting complexity

Outsource your fund accounting to our experts, who can handle your fund transactions, such as capital calls, distributions, fees, and expenses.

Minimize your tax liability

File your taxes accurately and promptly.

Simplify your construction accounting

Outsource your construction accounting to our professionals who can manage your construction projects.

Get clarity in financial data

Get custom financial reports and analysis on Real Estate Accounts.

Let our Real Estate Accounting team handle your accounting needs and help you unlock your full potential.