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Empowering Financial Success with Global Accounting Corp

Global Accounting Corp (GAC) has been helping different businesses manage their finances for nearly 19 years. We work with big companies, small businesses, and individual accountants all over the world, including the US and the UK. Our services include bookkeeping, managing bills and payments, handling taxes, analyzing finances, processing payroll, and providing accounting software.

By partnering with GAC, you can optimize your cash flow, cut overhead costs, elevate service quality, tap into specialized expertise, and utilize cutting-edge technology.

Whether you need a comprehensive accounting solution or require assistance with a specific task, we are committed to customizing our services to align with your financial objectives and budget. Take the next step in your financial journey with GAC and experience the difference of unparalleled financial services.

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Financial Success with Global Accounting Corp

Industries We Serve


In the critical healthcare sector, our accounting services ensure financial accuracy, manage complex billing, streamline revenue cycles, and uphold regulatory compliance. We also aid in strategic financial planning for essential equipment and technology investments.

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Our services guarantee efficient bookkeeping, precise tax processing, and valuable financial analysis for the multifaceted hospitality industry. We help manage daily cash flows and plan for seasonal variations, identifying cost-saving opportunities to drive competitiveness.

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Our accounting services for the manufacturing industry offer insights into production costs, highlight areas for improvement, and assist with inventory management and tax compliance. This approach promotes cost control and efficiency, which are vital for success in a competitive market.

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Our accounting services in the dynamic retail sector provide real-time sales, inventory, and cash flow insights for informed decision-making. We also handle payroll processing and tax compliance, enabling a focus on customer service and growth. We're committed to offering tailored, top-tier financial solutions for diverse industries to empower your business success.

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Leverage our experience and expertise in the latest accounting software to achieve financial success. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

Why Choose Global Accounting Corp as your Outsourcing Accounting Partner?

Our customers repetitively choose Global Accounting Corp to simplify their financial and accounting needs. Here are a few reasons that make GAC a preferred outsourcing partner compared to our peers.

ISO Certification, multiple delivery centers, and 19 years of domain experience

Customized accounting services for diverse industries under a single roof

Cost-effective pricing plans, time-zone advantage, and state-of-the-art infrastructure

Dedicated account managers, quality assurance, and data security

Flexible and scalable solutions to meet your changing business needs

Partner with us today for tailored, top-tier accounting solutions. Take the first step towards your financial success. Contact us now