Experience Fast and Flexible Funding with Our Invoice Factoring Service

Our invoice factoring service offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline your business operations and maximize profitability.


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Experience Fast and Flexible Funding with Our Invoice Factoring Service

Unlock business growth and maintain operational efficiency with robust invoice factoring service from Global Accounting Corp. With 19 years of operation and a global footprint spanning 167 countries, including Canada and the UK, we have empowered over 560 businesses with fast, flexible funding.

Our comprehensive solutions address challenges in cash flow management, invoice collection, data analysis, compliance, and optimization. We save you time, reduce risk, and provide valuable insights, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your core business.

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Invoice Factoring Service with Measurable Outcomes

Strengthen your business credibility

Integrate and automate your invoice factoring services with our services, and get access to our network of reputable and reliable factoring partners.

Eliminate debt and interest

Leverage our invoice factoring services to obtain cash without incurring any debt or interest, unlike traditional loans or credit cards.

Access current and accurate invoice information

Get customized invoice reports and analysis with our services, and monitor your invoice status and cash flow.

Collection Ease

Let us handle your invoice collection and management with our Invoice Factoring Service.

Cash Flow Boost

Get instant cash for your invoices with our Invoice Factoring Service.

Tax Compliance

Avoid tax penalties and audits with our Invoice Factoring Service.

Let our invoice factoring service handle your invoice needs with excellence.