Founded in 2016, our client is a USA based Medical Staffing company. The client is a nationwide leader in the staffing of Travel Nurses, Therapists, and Allied Clinicians.

The company is seeking streamlined payment processing and accounting solutions that effectively handle remittance while maintaining cost-efficiency.

The company is looking for an outsourcing partner which can assist them in efficient payment processing and accounting solutions for remittance that are cost-effective and do not compromise the budget.

The Story of our Customer

Our client is a leading nationwide provider of staffing services for travel nurses, therapists, and allied clinicians.

They offer a comprehensive range of staffing options, including temporary, contract, and full-time placements. These services cater to hospitals, medical groups, and solo practitioners seeking skilled professionals in clinical, allied/ancillary healthcare, and non-clinical healthcare roles.

Danica Accounting

The Challenge

Processing on-time timecards for employees on a weekly basis was challenging and due to the large number of employees it was difficult to get correct results on Staff Bot Software.

Variable timecard volume led to the unnecessary costs for the firm’s processing staff during low-volume periods

Creating service invoices for hospitals and care centers, the firm faces challenges in reconciling payment differences, which proves to be the toughest task for the client.

The firm encounters challenges when timecard names differ from those in emails, requiring processing staff to be well-versed with these tasks.

The Solution

To maintain optimal productivity on the weeks when the number of cards exceeds two thousand, we make sure to assign extra resources to meet client deadlines effectively.

We ensure scalability in our workforce by hiring employees who possess multitasking abilities or having multi-field specialization.To prevent additional costs for both the client and the firm, we reassign sources to other tasks when the number of cards decreases, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

By employing a specialized professional, we tackled multiple remittance discrepancies in our records, aiming to resolve past issues and allow the client to focus confidently on present tasks.

We streamlined the process and ensured up-to-date information by consolidating scattered data sources into a centralized platform on the client's server, reducing delays caused by multiple locations.

The Result

  • Quick On-time delivery with qualitative work for the past 2 years.
  • Remarkable increase in efficiency in remittance tasks after 1 year of full utilization of the Indian accounting team.
  • Well-established and documented accounting procedure with centralized processing for real-time information access.
  • Timely payments for wages, salaries, and vendors.
  • Substantial cost savings after 2 years of utilizing the Indian accounting team.

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