Outsourcing Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate Secretarial Services

If you need top-notch corporate secretarial services, we can offer you remote agent services to handle multi-faced finance-department roles at rates starting at $8/ hour

If your finance department is struggling to keep up with corporate secretarial and compliance requirements, don't worry. Outsource corporate secretarial services to Global Accounting Corp for complete and professional support. Our team of CFAs will liaise with third-parties to ensure compliance and reduce corporate risk.

Global Accounting Corp is an ISO 9001:2015 certified corporate secretarial service providing company with the ability to commit to complex company secretarial services. We help businesses penetrate markets sooner and scale. We maintain global review and meet local deadlines besides improving corporate governance work.

Our Corporate Secretarial Services

As a trusted corporate secretarial service provider, our accountants rationalize entities, meet compliance with global standards, implement structures, and make arrangements using cutting-edge technology.

Our corporate secretarial services encompass -

Tax Filing Support

Tax Filing Support

We assist in filing tax returns and prepare annual accounts statements compliant with the local governing body. We take steps deemed appropriate for the filing process by sharing our knowledge of tax structures with you. We help you with licensing and tax registrations.

Legal Process Assistance to Executives and C-suite

Legal Process Assistance to Executives and C-suite

We help executive members of the organization including shareholders, directors, and other entities with legal support in navigating procedures so that the entire process is hassle-free. We walk you through local rules and regulations via a single channel. We extend support in transactional services like director changes.

Legal Document Drafting

Legal Document Drafting

If you seem to have trouble drafting a legal document with precision, our corporate secretary drafts it with professionally worded content that complies with Common Reporting Standards (CRS), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATC), and more.

Coordinating the Process with Investors and Employees

Coordinating the Process with Investors and Employees

We maintain a close-knit working relationship with the investor and other stakeholders as part of the corporate secretarial solutions to manage transactions and rationalize entities. Our team uses cutting-edge software for corporate secretarial services.

Account Books and Records Maintenance

Account Books and Records Maintenance

We also handle maintenance functions, keeping account books and records clean and tidy. We have immense expertise in bookkeeping and other backend corporate secretarial services so that you'll have the information available on tap.

Entity Registrations and Compliance Tracking

Entity Registrations and Compliance Tracking

We help track the entity registration on a day-to-day basis and ensure compliance deadlines are met in time to avoid fouling the rules. We add to the existing capabilities of SMBs, giving them excellent control of compliance activities.

Alerting About Local Regulatory Changes

Alerting About Local Regulatory Changes

As global compliances evolve, it's a necessity for businesses to keep up with the latest changes to stay on the right path of compliance. Inability to comply with standards can result in unnecessary lapses and even consequences. This is what we help avoid for our clients.

Our Corporate Secretarial Process

Global Accounting Corp's corporate secretarial solutions are customized for each client, granting them access to the best value. Our precise and seamless process is as follows


Requirement Discovery

The deficiencies of the client are deciphered through initial engagements and we do so by understanding their compliance with current standards


Requirement Analysis

We weigh requirements and analyze specifics to offer custom corporate secretarial services


Corporate Secretarial Strategy

We design a corporate secretarial strategy to overcome delinquencies in compliance and resolving transactional and legislative issues


Post Implementation Analysis

We thoroughly assess the client's compliance after implementation of our services to evaluate the performance



We furnish reports to the client disclosing the project outcome

Simple Steps to Hire a Virtual Accountant from GAC

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Why Hire GAC Over Competitors?


Hiring in-house Accountant

  • Wages start upwards of $4542 per month
  • High risk of attrition and training cost
  • High staff turnover leads to partially skilled accountants
  • Fixed work hours with no overtime
  • High cost to the company


GAC Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Price starts at $8 per hour with no up-front charges
  • Complies with SLA and quality standards before sign off
  • 100% dedication from certified accountants
  • Follows non-rigid working schedule
  • No up-front charges


Other Corporate Secretarial Companies

  • Steep hourly rates in the range of $20 or more per hour
  • No compliance guarantees to contract terms
  • High employee attrition affects scalability
  • Fixed working hours or limited flexibility
  • May levy hidden fees and processing charges

Customer Success Stories

Success Stories

GAC managed paperwork for job portal clients by automating vetting and preservation of employee files, taxes, payroll processing, etc.

Success Stories

GAC developed a cash flow system for automation of invoice processing, bill of lading, delivery proof, and so on.

Contact us to know our customer success stories

Find Out How Our Corporate Secretarial Services Can Help Your Business

Global Accounting Corp is a reputable accounting services provider across 150+ countries. We offer high-quality corporate secretarial services at affordable rates and prioritize honesty in all areas of work. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures the best company secretarial support for clients.

Get in touch with us today if innovation and automation are what you want in the next step of corporate secretarial solution and compliance.

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