Outsourcing Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

With real estate business stretched between client engagement and AR, it's easy to lose track of one over the other so outsource AR services to our remote assistants today starting at $8/ hour

Miss a few payments here and there your account books will look like it's in a state of disarray. If this sounds like the hassle you're going through, don't wait till financial turmoil manifest. Instead, outsource real estate Accounts Receivable services to Global Accounting Corps today. What you get in doing so is a trusted remote assistant who keeps your accounts up to date and especially the inflow to ensure revenue isn't lost in the making. They keep you aligned with financial goals where constraints prevent you from managing Accounts Receivable services for Real Estate with in-house resources.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified real estate Accounts Receivable service provider, Global Accounting Corp prioritizes the accuracy of your account books so cash flow is consistent no matter what time of the year it is. With our help, you'll have plenty of time to optimize business while inflow is always taken care of.

Our Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

If you aren't convinced by outsourcing real estate Accounts Receivable services to any third-party real estate Accounts Receivable service provider, try GAC today to have full faith in people who value your trust. In the last 19 years, we've gotten ahead in offering the best real estate AR services.

Our real estate Accounts Receivable services encompass -

Tenant Accounts Receivable Management

Tenant Accounts Receivable Management

You can relinquish your hold on reins controlling every aspect of the tenant Accounts Receivable management. Our virtual accountants will step in to take control of the chaotic rent processing, collections, setting leases (w/o leasing tool), applying late payment for delinquent tenants, generating rental statements and reports. They also manage move-in and move-out besides periodic rent renewal.

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management

If you need general Accounts Receivable management, Global Accounting Corp offers virtual accountants specialized in tracking security deposits, monthly rental processing, and invoice printing. Our team also manages contract renewal, monthly rental processing, and making follow-up phone calls to accelerate payments. We also take care of billing properties for management and 360-degree management of deposits and cash flow receipts.

Month-end Accounting Tasks

Month-end Accounting Tasks

When it comes to real estate companies, numerous Accounts Receivable tasks need regular planning and introspection. We have the required bandwidth and skilled resources to provide our clients with the required services at the right time.



Our team is capable of offering the best accurate financial reporting services where we take care of accurate documentation so that your financial summary reflects the actual accounts. If any open transactions exist, we will reconcile records after scrutinization. GAC's team provides critical services such as preparation of monthly property reports, month-on-month budget comparison, maintenance of financial schedules, and preparation of operating reports. Our team of dynamic virtual assistants comes in handy to let you.

Other Services

Besides regular and specialized real estate accounts receivable services, we also offer other services in conjunction with the main service or as a separate offering. Those solutions include regular tenant reconciliation, trust accounts reconciliation, returns filing support, Y-o-Y operating budget preparation, and maintaining journal entries.

Software that Powers Our Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • ezyCollect
  • MYOB
  • Quicken
  • Sage
  • FG Receivable Manager
  • Peachtree
  • gotoBilling
  • WorkflowAR

Our Real Estate Accounts Receivable Process

At Global Accounting Corp, it is our motto to raise the bar in our offering and capabilities to give you a matching solution at affordable rates. You will be shown the full path of transparency by selecting us as your real estate Accounts Receivable service provider. Our process which is seamless and easy to understand is as follows -


Preparing the Source Documents

We listen to your accounting challenges and the scope of the problem to decide what solution works best.


Analyzing the Financial Effects

We try to decode the full extent of the financial implication that could affect you by juggling task.


Designating Roles to Agents

We will identify the Accounts Receivable roles that can be delegated to the agents and map the tasks accordingly.


Quality Checks

We conduct quality checks to ensure the best real estate Accounts Receivable outcome which translates to capture of payments in time.


Closing Account Books

We close all open position and reconcile the account as per the actual plan to leave the client more room for other real estate activities.

Simple Steps to Hire a Virtual Accountant from GAC

Step 1
Free Consultation
Step 2
Agree On Process
Step 3
Grant Access
Step 4
Go Live

Why Hire GAC Over Competitors?


Hiring in-house Accountant

  • Wages start upwards of $4542 per month
  • High risk of attrition and training cost
  • High staff turnover leads to partially skilled accountants
  • Fixed work hours with no overtime
  • High cost to the company


GAC Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

  • Price starts at $8 per hour with no up-front charges
  • Complies with SLA and quality standards before sign off
  • 100% dedication from certified accountants
  • Follows non-rigid working schedule
  • No up-front charges


Other Real Estate Accounts Receivable Companies

  • Steep hourly rates in the range of $20 or more per hour
  • No compliance guarantees to contract terms
  • High employee attrition affects scalability
  • Fixed working hours or limited flexibility
  • May levy hidden fees and processing charges

Industries that Have Benefitted from Our Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

Healthcare Banking and Finance Manufacturing Retail & Wholesale Agriculture Mining Logistics & Transportation Engineering Services Oil and Gas Real Estate Telecommunications IT & Software Pharmaceutical Restaurant Insurance

Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Storie

GAC helped in cutting down manpower and other costs considerably while turnaround time was improved with the effective balancing of loads

Customer Success Storie

GAC's Finance & Accounting Services enabled processing large paperwork by applicants for a Bank Loan Production Office.

Contact us to know our customer success stories

Find Out How Our Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services Can Help Your Business

It is the goal of every profitable institution to ensure consistent cash inflow to ensure running balance never reaches thresholds that could jeopardize operations. In the Real Estate business, agents and landowners find themselves preoccupied with client calls, site visits, and other chores that make them engrossed in the activities with barely enough time left to tend to account books. While a clean accounts system harmonizes the business and income, a bad one could drive them to bankruptcy. To avoid the latter, it's best to work with a real estate Accounts Receivable service providing company like Global Accounting Corps (GAC) because we're set up to deal with challenges however complex. In the last 19 years, our existence has found meaning in serving businesses with the best AR services.

Get in touch with us today if you're ready to take the next step towards innovation and automation in real estate Accounts Receivable and compliance.

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